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Sterek AU

Stiles gets into a bad car accident and slips into a vegetative coma. Knowing that after watching his mother waste away to nothing, Stiles would never want to be left like this and they’re going to pull the plug.

Fearing no other choice, Derek uses his Alpha spark to save him. He knew there would be consequences, but Stiles is human. 

Not so much anymore.

They’re connected now, by this bond that not even Deaton can fully explain, two sparks merging into one, and something new. 

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au - [2/5] scenes that should’ve happened in Season 4.

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secretly!married au

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stiles stilinski as peter parker (insp)

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Sterek AU: On his first day as a literature teacher Mr. Derek Hale heard a lot of rumors about the bad boy of the school - Stiles Stilinski. Derek, who always liked to have a challenge, now wants to do what none of his colleagues ever accomplished - he wants to get Stiles more interested in school and so he starts tutoring him. 

What Derek didn’t except though is that there is much more to Stiles than just his reputation.

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The Hale Chronicles (added Peter & Talia)

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"Allison and Lydia are sharing a body now, sort of like a 2-in-1 deal?"
Teen Wolf AU → The Oni aren’t supposed to kill humans, they never were. But they did, turning Allison into a fox spirit.

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Spidey Stiles, kind of a continuation of this :)

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Sterek - Transformers!AU

In which Derek owns a sentient alien car. Bumblebee can’t shut up about how much Derek is head over heels with Stiles. And Stiles thinks Derek is crazy.

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"Guess I’ll pick you up on Friday, Stilinski" (x)

Teen Wolf Au: Stiles has been avoiding Derek Hale’s advances since before they got paired together for their history project. Derek is everything Stiles is (totally) not interested in; cocky, popular, a jock. Stiles thinks he’ll make it through the whole project unscathed, until a dinner with his dad somehow ends with Derek taking Stiles to the winter formal.