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antimonio requested: “I thought maybe you could do something with Derek/Stiles/Sheriff as a family?; something like Derek/Stiles are friends (or dating or whatever) and the Sheriff kind of “adopts” Derek in the family”

Sterek AU: when Derek’s flat gets flooded the Sheriff proposes Derek stays with the Stilinskis for the time being. It’s a great idea since Derek and Stiles has been best friends since junior high and the Sheriff treats Derek as his third (the second being Scott) son. And haven’t Stiles and Derek finally pulled their heads out of their asses and started dating since Stiles went to college?[hint: they haven’t]
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anonymous requested: “would you consider doing a Winter Soldier AU of any Teen Wolf ship or brotp?”

Oh, I would. Skittles Winter Solider AU
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The Avengers styled as Sin City

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Teen Wolf AU: The feud between the Hales and the Argents has been going on for long enough, so Derek and Chris, despite still being very suspicious of each other, have decided to meet up for peace talks. However, unlike it had been agreed on earlier, neither of them shows up alone (in Derek’s case) or unarmed (in Chris’ case), which leads to some tension. 

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AU: Nine meets Ten and Eleven


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Teen Wolf AU - Allison, Cora and Lydia as witches

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STEREK WEEK ‘14 || Friday: AU

Sterek Skype Date (in which Derek moves away and Stiles has to teach him how to use skype)

requested by dyleon 

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Sterek AU: This is the first time that Derek’s seen him since “The Night”. He smiles and waves like it’s not awkward. Like he doesn’t wish that Stiles had still been there when he’d woken up. Derek’s always been a good liar. 

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Teen Wolf AU - Sterek AU

Where deputy Derek Hale finds Stiles handcuffed to the sheriff’s desk.