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Orphan Wolf AU: Stiles gets caught up in a tangled web when he tries to steal from his dead look-alike. Turns out he didn’t have a secret twin — after learning the truth, he’s wishing it were that simple. 

Hey, don’t forget the one who was raised by nuns in Ukraine


he’s got a few unresolved issues.

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→ au meme challenge: Time twist: Game of Thrones as modern au: In buisness you win or you die, there’s no middle ground!: requested by wingsroad

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an au where jackson comes home :’) 

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Teen Wolf AU - Cora comes back to Beacon Hills, and tries not to fall for Lydia. (She doesn’t succeed.) 

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Teen Wolf AU - Arrow: In which Derek is a vigilante roaming the streets of Beacon Hills and fighting evil guys and Stiles is the cute IT guy who talks too much and without whom Derek would get nothing at all done. Also, they love each other (and Derek is stupid and thinks sleeping with other people and not dating Stiles will keep him save, but even the bad guys soon realise that his occasional hook-ups with Erica don’t mean she’s his pressure point)

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HALE SIBLINGS AU ] Derek’s three sisters offer unsolicited advice for prom and convince Derek to rent an asymmetrical blue suede jacket using their mom’s credit card. Derek accidentally shows them too much of Stiles.

Derek:  Are you sure there aren’t too many zippers?
Laura:  Stiles said “That works!” to the blue-orange shirt you wore on laundry day. You’ll be fine.

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How Captain America: The Winter Soldier should have ended. After after credits super secret scene.


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Tony doesn’t share Steve

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