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It needs to be someone who can pull you back, someone that has a strong connection to you. A kind of emotional tether. 

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The Avengers as a 70s cop show

*heavy bass and saxophone*

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Teen Wolf AU: requested by Anonymous. Derek gets hit by a curse that separates his more gentle and happy parts from his darker self. Stiles is quite surprised to find that Derek is, in fact, able to smile, and maybe falls a little bit in love with Derek (or a lot) before he manages to merge the two parts together again. Derek, meanwhile, tries to not feel jealous of himself, because that’s just fucking ludicrous and he’s not that pathetic. 

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Superwolf AU - Sam and Dean come to Beacon Hills to hunt down the local werewolf pack. However, soon they discover that werewolves are not the biggest problem they are going to have. One little human can be more dangerous than all monsters together when it comes to protecting the ones he cares about.

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"I’ll explain everything Lydia, I promise."

Allydia AU- Allison returns from the dead

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Orphan Wolf AU: Stiles gets caught up in a tangled web when he tries to steal from his dead look-alike. Turns out he didn’t have a secret twin — after learning the truth, he’s wishing it were that simple. 

Hey, don’t forget the one who was raised by nuns in Ukraine


he’s got a few unresolved issues.

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→ au meme challenge: Time twist: Game of Thrones as modern au: In buisness you win or you die, there’s no middle ground!: requested by wingsroad

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an au where jackson comes home :’)